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Lower Limb Fractures

Traditionally, fractures to the lower leg, ankle or foot have been treated with the application of a plaster of Paris or fibreglass cast.  At JDP Orthotics, we aim at getting you up and “running” as soon as possible with our moonboot.

Moon boots are the common term for a CAM Walker which is an abbreviation for Controlled Ankle Movement walker. It is a device that is used to provide immobilisation in the treatment of a lower limb fracture. Moonboots provide protection, support and mobility during recovery from a foot and/or ankle related injury.

    • Metatarsal Fractures and Stress fractures
    • Distal tibia and fibula fractures
    • Malleolar fractures
    • Post-Achilles surgery
    • Ankle sprains
    • Ligament injuries


All our moonboots come with an adjustable inflatable liner which:

    • maximises comfort with increased padding and protection,
    • improves the fit to further immobilise your foot/ankle, and
    • actively reduces swelling,
    • facilitates vascular flow

Other Terms: Moon Boots, Orthopedic Boot, Walkers, Cast Boots, Aircast Boot, Medical Boot, Walking Cast, Fracture Boots.

Our “MoonBoot” sets a new standard of care for sprains and other leg injuries with wonderful technology that are very effective, and are available in an anatomically designed range of brace designs.

These boots are lightweight, yet efficient and strong. The design behind these clinically proven walking and ankle braces offers immediate relief and support for a quick recovery and a total solution to optimize healing.