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Back pain management


After the common cold, back pain is the second highest reason for visits to a medical practitioner.

Spinal braces are fitted to control back pain, stabilise weakened muscles and prevent or control deformity.  They may be fitted after spinal surgery, fusion, laminectomy – or for a herniated disc.

Spinal braces are often fitted post-operatively for a short period of time determined by your referring doctor or surgeon.  The spinal braces are adjusted and fitted in a way to provide your spine with a corrective force or support, allowing you to be standing or sitting comfortably whilst using your spinal brace.

There are several spinal braces available (both rigid and elasticised) depending on the amount of spinal support and control that is required. The most common spinal braces are pictured below:




Need help managing
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Elasticised Lumbar Support

Fitted for: Mild, chronic or acute lumbar back pain

LSO – Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

Fitted for: Lumbar disc degeneration: disc herniation; Spondylolisthesis; post-operative laminectomy; post-operative discectomy; post-operative fusion and spinal stenosis.


TLSO – Thoraco-Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

Fitted for: Thoracic compression fractures resulting from osteoporosis; Idiopathic Scoliosis;   Kyphosis (excessive convex curvature of spine); Post-surgical stabilisation of spinal fractures T3-L3.