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    CAM Walker Boots / Waterproof Bracing / Plaster Removal

  • Compression Garments

    Ready to fit and custom made solutions

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Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Where required, JDP Orthotics prescribes and manufactures both semi-rigid and rigid foot orthotics for the management of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia and many other lower limb pathologies. We assess and 3D scan, plaster or foam box your feet, and manufacture orthotics in-house.

As we deal with manufacturers of high quality materials and clinically proven technologies, we are confident in the success rate of faster and more efficient healing processes.

Solutions for Comfort

Fracture Management

During an initial assessment of your injured limb, the type of treatment required is determined by viewing your X-Ray, MRI or CT scans.

JDP Orthotics can then offer the ideal solutions to assist in your recovery, including:

      • Waterproof removable fracture braces
      • CAM walker boots with inflatable liners
      • Removal of plaster casts

Compression Therapy – Stockings & Garments

JDP Orthotics prescribe and fit a wide range of compression garments, both off the shelf and custom made. Compression stockings and garments are fitted for lower limb and upper limb use. They are very effective in the treatment of swollen ankles or legs, varicose veins, oedema and venous insufficiency. They are suitable for travel and help reduce the possibility and risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Orthopaedic Bracing Solutions

Whether it be back, elbow, wrist, hand, knee or ankle bracing, JDP Orthotics have a solution to keep you moving.

JDP Orthotics can prescribe a wide range of orthopaedic bracing solutions from the world’s latest proven technologies.

Do you have a fracture? Foot, ankle, knee, hand or wrist pain?

JDP Orthotics can help get you back on track – Call 0404 862 851

JDP Orthotics was established in 2005 with a goal to provide clients with a caring, professional and affordable service. This includes the supply of custom made and ready made orthoses for upper and lower limbs.

A modern approach
Specialising in the treatment of lower/upper limb orthotic management, fracture management, compression garments and waterproof fracture casts, JDP Orthotics is one of two companies in Australia to be using the latest CAD/CAM software to assist in the assessment, prescription and manufacture of custom made foot orthotics.

Sports – Worker Injury – Accident Claim
Limb injury manifests itself from a variety of incidents, not limited to these categories. We can easily associate the needs of your recovery within the confines of your daily routines and confidently get you back up and running in the most efficient times possible.

Arthritis & fractures
With 206 bones in one’s body, humans have found many more ways to damage them than thought of.
With our care and knowledge, let us help heal these injuries with great care and bedside manners.


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  1. straight or upright: orthotropous.
  2. perpendicular or at right angles: orthoclastic.
  3. correct or right: orthodontics; orthodox; orthography; orthoptics

[from Greek orthos straight, right, upright]